Factory Worker Jobs in North London

Factory Worker Jobs in North London

The manufacturing sector has lost its monopoly in the local economy. It now accounts for only six to eight per cent of jobs and is mostly replaced by service industries. However, the public sector still contributes substantially to the local North London economy. This is because of the many people who are employed in the sector.

Full-Time Production and Material Handler positions

Material handlers should have the ability to perform a wide range of tasks, including moving and storing products. The job description should highlight the benefits that material handlers can expect, including the opportunity for advancement and paid time off. Job descriptions should also emphasize the benefits of shift work, such as perks for working overtime and shift differentials.

The role of a Materials Handler is an exciting and varied role that will allow you to contribute to the success of the production team. You’ll be a part of the daily loading and unloading process, working to meet productivity and quality targets. In addition, you’ll be supporting Crane Operators as slingers and bankmen.

Full-Time Production

The manufacturing sector has become under-represented in the local economy, contributing less than six per cent of total jobs in North London. Service industries have stepped in to take their place. In fact, the public sector now makes up the largest portion of the local economy, with the private sector accounting for about half the remaining jobs.

Average salary range

The average salary for Factory Worker jobs in North London is PS22,974 per year or PS11 per hour. The range of salary for Factory Worker jobs is between PS17,438 and PS26,742. The highest educational qualification for Factory Worker jobs is Less Than HS degree. The salary data on this page is based on salary surveys conducted by the ERI, and the cost of living data is based on actual sales data of housing in the area, gas prices and property taxes.

Factory worker salaries in North London are considerably lower than those in other regions of the UK. In fact, the average salary for Factory worker jobs in North London is 6.9% lower than the national average. However, salary ranges do vary significantly between different career paths and job titles. So, it is important to compare salary data for different jobs before making a final decision. If you think that you would like to get a factory worker job, make sure that you know your salary expectations before applying.

The salary range for factory worker jobs in North London depends on the type of job and the company. A person with a bachelor’s degree will earn an average of PS34,586 per year. Those with a master’s degree can expect to make PS43,587 per year. However, if you’re not looking for a salary in the factory industry, you should consider moving to a region where the average salary is higher.

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